Whatsnot monday

Hallo am Montag,
hier sind wir wieder bei Whatsnot Monday.
Momentan ist das Wetter ja nicht so tool, aber wir haben einen ziemlichen Sommer-Release für euch.
Die extra Challenge war "add some shine".
Und so habe ich kurzerhand einfach die Limo beglitzert.
Hello on monday,
here we are again at Whatsnot monday.
At the moment the weather is not so good but we have a real summer release for you.
The extra challenge is to add some shine.
And so I gave the softdrink some glitter.

Und das Papier habe ich auch farblich passend in bunt ausgewählt.
And I added some coloured paper this time.

3 Kommentare:

  1. I love the texture of glitter you added. As a matter of fact, I have some glasses that almost look like that. I had fun working with the critter too. That background paper is very pretty.

  2. Wonderful card. I love glitter but it don't love me. Usually end up wearing more than I get on my cards...lol Yours is perfect.

  3. Oh, some of my favorite Stampin' Up paper!! It looks great with this image!! Beautiful card!!